About Me

It is a little funny writing an "About Me" page since the celebrations are not about me. They are about you as the Guest of Honor. However, a few words about my experience is in order...

I started as a DJ in 1999, mostly as a swing dance DJ. I played swing music in two local clubs, at weekend dances, and at workshops as far away as Bakersfield and Palm Springs. I taught dance lessons too.

Being a DJ was great fun, so I quickly expanded my services beyond just swing dances: weddings, anniversary parties, birthday parties, block parties and so on.

All are great events, but they come with serious responsibilities. There really is no room for inappropriate comments, poor music selection, losing the attention of the guests, or getting off schedule.

It all starts with good fundamentals... being prepared, using the right equipment for the job, and listening carefully so I understand your vision for your event.

Having a wide variety of experiences helps too. I have been fortunate to learn incredible things from some amazing people. All that experience is at your service.