Your Wedding

This is an exciting time for you! As exciting as it is, you are starting to realize how much work must be done. A wedding is the biggest event most people will ever plan in their life. An event they have never planned before. That is why you need a professional you can trust to handle all the details. Someone who guides you, who listens to what you really want, then makes it all happen.

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Your Wedding DJ/MC

Being a Wedding DJ and Master of Ceremonies requires more than the ability to push play. It takes a real understanding of what a wedding is: the elegance of the ceremony; the excitement of the grand entrance; the romance of the first dance; sentimental toasts that bring tears of joy and good-natured laughs. Then there are fun and traditional activities like the bouquet toss, garter toss and cake cutting. And of course dancing to the best music with your family and friends. All of this is built upon the love you share as Bride and Groom. As your DJ/MC, I make this all flow naturally, with positive energy, and keeping it fun.

Wedding Entertainment Planning

It all starts with proper planning. You have wishes. I have experience. As I guide you through the options for your ceremony and reception, you decide what fits your personality and style. Since the person doing the planning (me) is the same person performing DJ and MC duties, nothing gets lost. Everything happens exactly the way you want it.

Why Everything Flows So Well

There is a lot that happens behind the scenes too. Your photographer receives the timeline so he can be in position to take important photographs. Parents are ready for their special dances because I made sure they didn't disappear in the restroom. Toasters feel comfortable making their speeches because they practiced with the microphone beforehand. DJ's who do not coordinate well might announce, "Dinner is now ready." when it won't be ready for another 20 minutes. They never checked with the caterer, and now they put your guests in the wrong mood. That is why coordinating all the details is so important.

Always On Time

A major source of stress is when a "professional" does not show up on time. That is not my style. I am there early, every time. Chances are, I will be at the wedding site setting up before you get there. What a great feeling knowing everything is starting properly.

Taking Care of Your Guests

In fact, I like to arrive early enough that I have time to mingle with your guests. It's a simple, yet effective way to put them in the right mood. They know they will be taken care of. So when I ask for their attention, they give me their attention (without the begging everyone hates); when I ask them to cheer, they cheer enthusiastically; and when it's time for dancing, they fill the floor.

The Right Music

I have the right music for the right moods that also fits your preferences. Maybe you prefer traditional for your ceremony, or something a little less conventional. Cocktail hour and dinner usually have upbeat and positive music, but there are many styles to choose from: standards to smooth jazz, reggae, R&B or adult contemporary. Tell me your favorite dance songs and they will be played. The songs you don't like are now the songs I don't like. With me as your DJ, the music never stops, it just changes to set the atmosphere.

Your Wishes, My Experience, a Great Celebration